Dance Play “Females of Water”

Females of Water 1 Females of Water 2


「舞踊劇 水の女」2016年5月3日(祝・火)

京都国際交流会館イベントホール 午後6時半開場 午後7時開演

一般前売 2500円 当日 3000円






Today I would like to make an announcement about our coming event, Dance Play “Females of Water,” which is going to be held on May 3 at 7 pm at Kyoto City International Foundation.

Three ladies from the Japanese myth appear to water sites of Kyoto to be purified, healed, and retold of their stories.

I will be performing Kiyohime, a maiden known for the Dojoji story of Kabuki.

Please visit us in Kyoto for the golden week holiday of Japan!

For ticketing, please go to “Contact” page.

Published by 吉村美輝織 Mikiori Yoshimura

上方舞吉村流の師範。京都府は丹後半島の宮津市、および京都市内の町家に稽古場を構える。 Mikiori Yoshimura (Iori Kolar) is a Master Teacher of the Yoshimura School of Japanese Dance.

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