Sweet smell of the spring

a weeping plum tree in our mountain hut








After the long winter, plum blossoms are beginning to open…

The piece that I would like to introduce today (of course, related with plum blossoms) is Ume-ni-mo-Haru, or “Spring to a Plum Blossom.”

It is one of Hauta, a shorter version of Nagauta, a genre of shamisen music that developed in Tokyo in the Edo period.

For Japanese it invokes much nostalgia as it is depicting the good old times in the Edo period that is now lost.

Here is the lyrics:

Ume-ni-mo-Haru, or “Spring to a Plum Blossom.”

Plum blossom is adding the color of spring, and people gather at a well for the fresh water for the New Year. 

There are sounds of farmers dispersing birds relentlessly.

In the morning sun, people visit shrines for the first time in the year. Isn’t my love around there?

Shrine music is heard and fortunetellers are waiting at the corners.

When you hear a mouse squeaking, it is a sign of my lover coming.

Drinking sake with cheerfulness, I am so happy to see my love.

A cup of matcha tea is ready at the last of the meal. Bring those, please.  

Published by 吉村美輝織 Mikiori Yoshimura

上方舞吉村流の師範。京都府は丹後半島の宮津市、および京都市内の町家に稽古場を構える。 Mikiori Yoshimura (Iori Kolar) is a Master Teacher of the Yoshimura School of Japanese Dance.

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