Profile プロフィール

吉村 美輝織(よしむら みきおり)

(本名 コラール伊織(こらーる いおり))

上方舞吉村流 師範


東京外国語大学修了後、アメリカはワシントン州シアトルのシアトル大学大学院「アート・リーダーシップ」コースにて修士課程修了。その後、カリフォルニア州タマルパ・インスティーテュート「エクスプレッシブ・アーツ・セラピー」レベル1コース修了。ヨーロピアン大学博士課程「エクスプレッシブ・アーツ」コースに学びながら、沖縄県の医療法人和泉会いずみ病院にて、ダンスセラピーを二年間提供する。ヨーロピアン大学より、CAGS (Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies)を修了。







Iori Kolar started Japanese dance training at a drama school in London when she was still an undergraduate student of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. After graduating the university, she studied the relationship between art and society in multi-cultural background at Seattle University and acquired Masters degree in Fine Arts in Art Leadership. Then Iori finished the Movement-based Expressive Arts Therapy Level 1 course from Tamalpa Institute.

While studying at Expressive Arts in Therapy, Education and Consulting at European Graduate School, she spent two years offering movement and art therapy based counseling at Izumi Mental Hospital in Okinawa. She acquired the Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies from European Graduate School.

At the same time she passed the Master Teacher examination from Yoshimura School of Kamigata-mai and acquired the stage name Mikiori Yoshimura. (Kamigata means Kyoto and Osaka area, and mai means dance.)

Her dance classes are held at her home studio in Miyazu city in northern Kyoto prefecture and also at a machiya studio in Kyoto city.

The school for dance and meditation that she co-organize with her husband and meditator Rudolph V. Kolar is “Gembu-an” :

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