Hagi Kikyo  萩桔梗








萩桔梗 中に玉章忍ばせて 月の野末に 草の露

君を松虫 夜毎にすだく 更けゆく鐘に雁の声




Beauty in an Autumn Night by Harukusa Hishida


There are a thousand pieces in Japanese traditional songs but I would like to introduce one piece tonight, it is called Hagi Kikyo, as this is seasonal now.

Hagi or Japanese bush flowers blossom in autumn and it has little reddish purple flowers.

Kikyo or Japanese bellflower also blossoms in autumn and its colors are bluish purple.

The song includes a scene where a lady send a letter hidden in a Kikyo flower.

The lyrics is as follows:

Hagi Kikyo

Hid a letter in flowers for my beloved.

At the far sight there is a moon;

here there are dew drops on leaves. 

Those crickets gathering to call out every night is like myself, waiting for you every night.

The evening passes as the bell of the gong resounds, while the cry of wild geese is heard.

Why or how, love is like this, I do not know…    


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