Experience Dance Lesson 上方舞 体験レッスン

Seher Dance Experience






時間 約一時間半~二時間
金額 4000円




20170715_151053 (2)


Why not try Kamigata-mai (dance of the kamigata area; kamigata means Kyoto and Osaka; mai means dance) when you visit Kyoto?

After brief explanations about Kamigata-mai, you will practice a piece, “Rhythm of Tea.”

Yukata and a fan will be available to use during the lesson.


Beginners are very welcome!


This is a wonderful chance to experience the elegance and classiness of Japanese dance in the spiritual center of the country – Kyoto.


Time: About one hour and half  to two hours

Cost: 4000 yen (Includes rental of fan and yukata)

*If you want to take videos and photos, please bring your own camera.


For scheduling, please write to “To Contact” page with your name, contact, number of people and the date and time.






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